Acrygel: what it is and how to use it

It is certainly among the main novelties of the Nails Supplies in the last two years, a definitely innovative product, considered by many nail technicians to be even revolutionary.
It is a photo-hardening gel resin, therefore basically a gel, which however contains within it both acrylate and methacrylate oligomers, catalyzes in the lamp like a gel, but it is worked with a technique more similar to that of acrylic, but without the ” disadvantages ”that this type of technique entails.
Nail reconstruction in acrylic, for those who have tried to do it, involves the use of a powder and a liquid, and the monomer is the Achilles heel of this fantastic technique, because it has an extremely strong smell and pungent, disliked by most of the customers and nail technicians.
Acrygel, on the other hand, is a “premixed” product, which is normally presented in a tube, with the consistency of a modeling paste and precisely in the consistency, we find one of the main strengths of this new nail gel.
Natural nail cover or extension with paper, the procedure is very similar to the previous one, but let’s see it in detail:
Preparation of the nail: do exactly the same steps, which are used for the preparation of the reconstruction with dual form.
Map: if you need to lengthen a natural nail, position the map correctly.
Spread the product: with the help of the spatula on the natural nail or on the paper depending on the method chosen.
Model the product with the brush, after wetting the tip with a cleanser.
Catalyzes: also in this case 30 seconds in the LED lamp, 60 seconds in the UV lamp.
File: finish with a file if necessary, in order to even out the surface.
Color and seal: all you have to do is choose your favorite color and then apply your favorite top coat.
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