Black nail on the foot:causes,treatment and prevention

Foot as an integral part of our body, we must use professional pedicure kits to take good care of them. Scientific data indicates, they mainly describe two reasons why the Nail they turn away from a black or dark color: physiological reasons or by subungual hematomas due to external causes.

1. Subungual hematomas of external origin

This type of chromonychia is given by external causes, that is, are not related to diseases or physiological processes of the patient. Due to the trauma, the blood vessels break and blood pools under the nail, giving that dark look. The most common reasons are:

  • Trauma with an object falling directly on the nail. This is the most common and where the dark color of the nail is seen most quickly.
  • Improper use of shoes, pressing on the front part of the foot with every step we take.
  • In sports such as running, football, ballet and skiing, the toenails continually “bump” and hit the front of the shoe.
  • Splinter hemorrhages: typical of trauma, fine and longitudinal, they give a splinter appearance and are located in the distal area of the nail.

In many cases, the nail will recover naturally without treatment, but in more severe cases, it may peel away from the skin. If the trauma is recent or the hematoma is still liquid, a fenestration on the nail, that is, a specialist will make a hole in the nail plate to empty this bruise. To prevent them and avoid a subungual hematoma is recommended controlling the tread and using an appropriate shoes, as well as cutting the nails correctly, especially if we do sports.

2. Physiological reasons

It is a type of discoloration of the nails of the feet, giving a dark reddish-brown tint. There are different types of melanonychia depending on the area they occupy. Every patient suffering from a black toenail without prior trauma should be investigated and supervised by a professional, as it may be more serious than you think. This kind of black toenail can be caused by:

  • Matrix nevus: benign proliferation of melanocytes in the matrix.
  • Malignant melanoma: malignant proliferation of melanocytes.
  • Yeast infections: total trichophytic melanonychia.
  • Diseases or problems such as: Diabetes, anemia, etc.

In this case where no previous trauma, the differential diagnosis using different diagnostic tests  is fundamental, since the treatment will depend on its etiology. The pedicure sessions they are necessary for the diagnosis and for the cure of the same, since anomalies can be observed or detected that the patient cannot see.

You now have all the information of black nails on the feet. Hoping that these problems have inspired you and that You will take certain steps to prevent them! This article was created from the article of the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more products! We also have feet care products waiting for you!

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