Nail fungus

Hand nail fungus occurs much less often than that which affects the toenails. However, it is nevertheless an embarrassing and particularly unsightly evil. A popular belief is that it affects people whose hand hygiene leaves something to be desired. However, it mainly affects those who wash their hands too often. To what do we owe these mushrooms that lead us the hard life?

How does it appear?

This mycosis is caused by a yeast known as Candida Albicans. It is a fungus that is usually found on the feet. When present on the hands, it can become an unsightly and disabling element.

It usually appears in people who wash their hands much more frequently than average. It is also present in people whose hands are frequently immersed in water. Many health, construction and catering professionals, as well as maintenance workers are aware of this problem.

In some cases, it is possible to find this fungus on the hands of people who bite or tear off their nails, in people treated with corticosteroids, as well as in diabetics. The same is true for people whose hands are regularly put to the test. This usually happens when the nails regularly experience more or less significant shocks. When the fungus is present on the nail, it takes on a yellowish, even greenish or whitish tint. It also becomes more fragile and breaks easily.

How to treat a mycosis of the nails of the hands?

The first thing to avoid is to wash your hands too frequently, since the frequency of washing is an important factor in the development of these fungal infections. Contact with water is therefore also to be limited, within the limits of reasonableness.

To counter the problem, it is possible to make use of special varnishes elaborated to treat mycosis. Depending on the extent of the mycosis, it is likely that the treatment will be subscribed over a period of between 2 and 6 months.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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