Fall 2022 manicure trends

Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you about fall 2022 manicure trends. Choose a beautiful polish in one of the new fall colors. 

Shapes and lengths

This fall, we have a soft spot for the almond shape. But ‘stiletto’ nails are also making an appearance. And then, we don’t forget the natural nail, round and oval, still so fashionable this fall.


And the final touch for this fall… sequins! They will give your nails texture, shine and depth and will adapt to any nail length and shape. And why not personalize your nails with scriptures? It will make your nails more interesting, more personal. Add your initials or your favorite city.

Red is a great classic that comes back every season, but let’s not forget the dark red tending towards brown. Finally, the nude trend is also possible this fall. Embellish your nails with a natural beige, gray or off-white.

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