The sign of poor nail health, how to remedy it

Having beautiful nails requires that they are healthy. Otherwise, there is a risk of having damaged nails. Generally, this results from a diet that is not sufficiently balanced. Nevertheless, there are solutions to care for your nails.

The most common problems

Many women have damaged and unhealthy nails. In particular, it happens very often that our nails are duplicated. The reasons can be multiple: lack of vitamin, stress, fatigue. It will therefore be necessary to treat this problem by performing a course of vitamin B, iron and zinc. In addition to this, it is also advisable to moisturize them regularly, massaging them either with olive oil or with a special cream. A little advice to prevent them from drying out: wear gloves when doing the dishes, and more broadly when your hands are in contact with detergents or hot water.

It also often happens that our nails become soft. If the hardener can partially solve this problem, it is not enough. It will be necessary to opt for a cure of sulfur and zinc.

We’ve all had white spots on our nails and heard a loved one say it’s the lack of calcium. This is false, it is actually shocks and other small daily gestures that damage our nails (scratching with the nail, using the nails to open something, etc.). Just be more careful to avoid these tasks.

Do not abuse the varnish

Having beautiful nails is good, but you should not abuse nail polish. Indeed, like makeup, in too large quantities, the varnish attacks the surface on which it is placed.

Limit its frequency of use

Although the nail is not as sensitive as the skin, the varnish/remover succession can, in the long run, damage your nails. It is therefore advisable to respect a certain maximum frequency of use of the varnish. Generally, we talk about the figure of 5 days out of 7 with maximum varnish. Otherwise, the nail may become friable.

In any case, to better protect your nails, it is necessary to apply, before each varnish, a colorless base that will protect your nails and that can also treat them. In particular, it will prevent the varnish from penetrating the nail and jaundice.

Allergies to varnish

Many women are allergic to nail polish. Indeed, toluene, formalin and rosin present in varnishes can be allergenic. In case of contact with the skin, redness accompanied by irritations will appear. To remedy this, there are many varnishes that do not use these elements. It is enough to analyze the list of components when purchasing.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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